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Play Field

An education institution must have enough space to allow free play for the learners. At Namirembe Parents’ Primary School, we have such space in abundance.



Spacious and clean dormitories are a requirement that must be met if a school is to keep children who are not home sick. Pay us a visit and go public about what you will have found at our school.




A rich and highly organized library program is a firm foundation for the children of a reading culture which is badly needed in our society. Our library program is just hands on for every child.


Music Room

We may so wish to see our children take certain professions but can never fully direct them to our wishes. At our school, we explore and develop all talent like you see it in the music room.



Junior Science Laboratory

We believe Science can only be successfully taught practically. It is the purpose of putting in place such a Junior Science Laboratory for our learners’.


Computer Laboratory

Basic computer knowledge and skills are essential in the world today. Our computer laboratory fully connected to internet service has put our children to a level far above the ordinary.




Spacious and organized classrooms facilitate easy teacher pupil contact. These aspects coupled with numbers limited to 40 per stream will yield that best out of your child at Namirembe Parents’ Primary School.



Piano playing is both entertaining and a skill that prepares one to earn a living. This rare skill is given a lot of attention and well developed at our school.